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You know the fact. The widespread availability of internet has helped lots of creative people to get themselves out there. One of those creatives is music artists.

I think we all have noticed that there is a huge number of different Facebook pages, SoundCloud profiles, Spotify music sets for many, many wonderful music artists of different kinds. And the market gets even more crowded.

If you happen to be one of those great music artists, there is an obvious question you might ask. How to make sure all your visual content around your music looks good? By that I mean – is it aligned with your values, style, and price-point.

Because anyone will face these questions.  How to make a great poster for music artist? How to design a wonderful flyer? Or even – what colors should I use in my band`s web page? How to make an excellent poster for my concert?

In order to simplify things a bit, I will focus on more classy music artists. The bands and artists, that play classical music or well-known songs which we all love. Or those who use traditional music instruments to produce the sound.


Values of Classical Music Artists.

Classic music is something of an art. The musician or band playing it are artists. This artiness  is the core value.

Vintage feel or the sense of heritage can be the other value to represent it through the visuals.



Quick reminder – every brand should choose about three colors to represent their values. Those are the main color, secondary color, and accent color. The same goes for music artists as well.

The fact is – in the world of art, nothing beats black and white. When in doubt – go for this color combo, to have a failproof way to say the world – I am an artist. And for the accent color – take something that best represents the artist’s personality, soul or focus.

There is a catch choosing the right amount of colors. Let me explain a little:

  • Choose black as the main color if you want to be seen as something exclusive, high-valued or somewhat special.
  • Choose white as the main color to have a more open feel, accessible and friendlier look.

When you have decided the main color, adjust the secondary color and choose your accent color. Have a look at the illustration here:

Colors for classic music artists

As for this example, I would choose golden brown as an accent color. This gives  even more classical, solid, vintage and upmarket impression.

Follow my Instagram account to find the meanings of different colors.


Choosing the Best Images and Shapes.

Ok, we have the chosen the right colors. What`s next?

Shapes and images.

When it comes to art (and no matter what kind of art) the absolute go-to choice is square. This is the shape, that subconsciously says to us – you are looking at a piece of art.

Use squared frames, crop your images to a square shape. Or maybe go even further – make the whole poster square shaped.

Here are some examples for you to achieve that. Making a poster for music artist:

Music artists images pictures shapes



To achieve classical, vintage and traditional feel, any serif font will do it job perfectly. Think of Times New Roman and Georgia style fonts.

To get a modern feel, try slab-serif fonts like Roboto Slab.

And one extra detail, that might be overlooked. You can consider centered alignment for the whole copy to enhance the classical and vintage feel


Let`s Put All that Together.

Are you still here this far? This should be lots of valuable information so far. It might be hard to digest.

Let me give an example of a poster for a music concert performed by a classic artist. This should give the perfect overview of everything here.

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