Failproof Way Branding Your High Tech Business

High tech business branding logo colors

Are you thinking of founding a tech Startup ? Or maybe even you already own some kind of Tech enterprise? At one point you might come across the need of branding your business. I mean getting a logo, choosing brand colors, fonts etc. and all the other necessary stuff.

The fact is that especially for young companies who have particulary high burn rates or who still have to find the perfect venture capital provider, branding might be a pretty big investment to make. Investment, that cannot be recovered, if things go really wrong.

Consequently some of the startups do the job of branding themselves. Needless to say – often the end result is not something that appeals to target audience. Or even worse – communicates the opposite values that comapny stands for.

Although I highly recommend having a professional expertise hired as soon as you can afford it, here are some failproof tips anyone can use to do the initial branding job.

This article is inspired by my Instagram post of the same topic. This post proved to be pretty liked.

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The values for tech business to focus on.

Fintech, research laboratories, wireless communications, artificial intelligence etc. enterprises have some common values.

First of all – they are technology intensive. So techiness is something that might be emphasized not only through products, but also via branding.

Tech business products are usually seen as pretty sophisticated, including lots of details, processes.

To some extent we see these companies as experimental, futuristic, touching into the unknown and undiscovered. At the same time – high tech can be done only by professionals who know the art and science.

Technology should also feel as it makes our lives simplier, easier.

Every tech business serves a defined target audience. For example – Fintech products are used by banks, stock exchanges etc. This means that that brand should also appeal the desired target audience.

Now lets dig in deeper.



Every brand should have at least three colors defined – the main color (takes up to 60% of all the space), the secondary color (30%) and accent color (10%).

If we talk about the highly sophisticated techy stuff the failproof solution is to go for white and gray. White as a clean and pure color communicates simplicity and hope. Gray is commonly associated with technology, because of its resemblence to silver and metallic touch. We still associate new technologies with shiny space-age items. I would choose one of these colors as the main color and the other as secondary.

Then comes the question about the accent hues. This is where you can add the personality to your brand. I would advise to pick an accent color that best fits at least of these criteria:

  • matches the target audience;
  • matches the usage of the product;
  • mathes the company values.

Here are some examples.

Choose the accent color that best represents your brand

So if you make some highly automated software for accountants, you might choose navy as the accent color. Or maybe let`s imagine you are in food business and make some high-tech cream whippers – consider adding pink.



Any pointy shape with sharp corners will give the sense of contemporary design. Use regular shapes for more business oriented and scientific look. Choose irregular shapes for a bit more creative and disruptive feel.



Technology as a synonym for something modern or futuristic can only go best with sans-serif font. You know – those fonts that look like Arial, Helvetica, Roboto etc. Also try going for regular to bold weight.

Sans-serifs are known to give modern, clean and simple feel. These fonts are easily readable.

Bolder fonts give a sense of strenght and trustworthiness. Heavy fonts are also easily visible and have a masculine impression attached to them. Somehow we tend to associate technology with masculine traits and values.



The failproof way is to choose saturated images with higher contrast. By increasing the saturation you can add that futuristic feel. Increading the contrast can bring out the details.

science branding colors

In general highly detailed images are the best. Consider also using a fair amount of whitespace. Do not clutter the visuals you make.


That is it!

… and that is it – the quick way to the your branding for high-tech. As a reminder – as long as you have your first success in your business, consider hiring a professional to do proper job. Professionals will make sure from many more aspects that your brand will fit the market and your values. DIY branding can help you at the beginning, but certainly not in the long run.


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