Good afternoon! My name is Gundars – the Visual Expert.

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Throught my passion in visual communication, I have created this blog, engaging workshops and killing Instagram feed. All this to help to make your posters / advertisements / social media images / presentations influential and well designed – while making it all feel like its not a rocket-science.

My work has helped lots of businesses to get well designed content they need to sell their products to the right audience. They have also gained knowledge on how many of the elements of the visual content work together to make the desired impact.

When I am not in doing design work or teaching, you can find me hanging around with friends, travelling, dancing or organizing some events. Drinking lots of coffee helps me to get through the day.

The Visual Expert Blog.

I created this blog to share my thoughts and ideas. The ideas about visual communicaton and how it can help you to create better looking ads, presentations or graphics.

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