Rise of Visual Content: Should You Be Aware?

Visual content

I would like to get clear with the basics first. Why would anyone care about visual content?

If you are a business owner, social media page or profile manager, marketing manager or anyone who gets the hands on promoting anything, you might come across one fact.

Any content with added visual works better.

The information in this blog post might not be the most fresh, but surely my view could be necessary to understand the philosophy I am working with.


Marketing at the speed of light and increasing variety of options.

In my view there are two major things happening in our lives.

First – everything seems to move faster and development accelerates. The time to get information and ideas from one point to another is almost immediate.

Secondly – the possibilities, amount of choice and different options is at the all time high. And the marketplace it gets even more crowded. And it will get filled with more and more options – both excellent ones and crappy ones as well.

So the future challenge for marketers and business owners is the following. How to get my messages noticed and understood faster? And – of course – how to make sure I do not dissappear in the clutter around us?


Better to see one time than to hear seven times.

Merely because it is faster.

Let me put it this way – we understand visual information much faster than written or spoken. You might have heard the statistic that humans process visuals 60 000 times faster that written words. Although the exact number is debatable, the truth is undeniable. If you want to be heard and noticed then adding visual content is a must.

Face the truth – what is more convenient for you? Seeing an image of mountain ranges and beaches of your intended vacation destination or reading three paragraphs about it? We have no time for reading or listening. Show me it!


Answer – embrace the visual content.

Visual content and visual information is not an extra anymore. It is a necessity. You must include an image, picture, poster, infographic when you promote your ideas, products or businesses.

Only then you can ensure the future success.


Understand how visuals work!

You are not alone. Most of us are already aware that visual content is the king. It is the reason why there is such a vast array of different tools now available, that help to make visuals easily and of more or less acceptable quality.

But is there the next level? If everyone already creates visuals, how to compete?

Let me introduce you with the art and science of visual communication. It can help you:

  • make sure your ads, posters, flyers, presentations etc. will always look great;
  • encode a set of your values in your visuals;
  • ensure that the visuals serve a specific purpose you choose (for example,  sell more products…);
  • to design visual content so that it is quickly and easily readable, understandable and actionable by your target audience.

I want everyone to know how to make visuals beautiful and MEANINGFUL at the same time. By following me, I will be able to show you the world of subconscious game. You can also play that game – with colors, shapes, fonts and spaces.

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